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Teacher Carlotta’s 4 Skills

Ideas to Work ESL/EFL 4 Skills in Primary E.


It is fundamental in English language teaching to deal with the four skills in every single lesson. Teachers need creative ideas which mean time savers for them and fun and meaningful learning for students. This book offers exactly that: Effective and catchy activities which primary EFL/ESL teachers can adapt to all levels and students’ needs.

In this 67 pages book, you can find short activities to carry out in your English class which promote the four skills. This book is intended to be your helper teacher. I hope you find it useful!

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Resources for Teachers


Activities to practice speaking, reading, listening and writing


Resources to work content and language integrated learning within the classroom: activities, games, ideas, tips, etc.

Motivation and Behaviour Control

Ideas and techniques to motivate students and help teachers in students’ behaviour control


Templates and ideas in relation with assessment



  • San Emeterio Bedia, C.  (2015) Redes de Aprendizaje: esto es un trabajo en equipo. Revista Educadores #253, pp 44-54.
  • San Emeterio Bedia, C. & De la Cruz Cabanillas, I. (2013) Content and Language Integrated Learning Through Music & ICT: Saving the Gap. Encuentro Journal #22. Visit this Link to read it.

Courses and Conferences


I enjoy doing research within the classroom, writing articles and participating in conferences. I also like doing teachers’ training  to share my experience in bilingualism and in EFL/ESL teaching. My courses are related to:

  • Classroom Management: Motivation and behaviour control.
  • CLIL
  • EFL: Four Skills in 5 minutes.
  • Dealing with diversityin English.
  • English in early stages. Babies and toddlers too.
  • Parents and English at School.

When I do a course I teach Teachers. When I’m at school I learn from learners. Then, I teach Teachers what I learn from my learners. (T. Carlotta)

Please, if you are interested in any of my courses, do not hesitate to contact me. Some opinions of my students:

Highly practical, useful. Carlotta Teacher knows how to engage you. Her experiences are similar to your own problems in the classroom. I recommend her as your teacher of teachers.

Marcos B.

Primary teacher

Me ha encantado el curso por la actitud de la ponente hacia la enseñanza del inglés, entusiasta y realista a la vez. Nos ha dado ideas, recursos, experiencias profesionales… Gracias.

Sonia F.

Primary teacher

Carlotta is an incredible source of activities you can carry out in the classroom plus an outstanding speaker!

Jaime F.

Primary teacher

I really enjoyed Carlotta’s course. It’s not the typical theoretical one and she provides teachers with really practical ideas for activities and resources! Thank you for your enthusiasm! 🙂

Judith V.

Primary teacher

Es genial cuando te encuentras maestros motivados y «locos» que desean compartir sus ideas. Gracias.

Moisés O.

Primary teacher

Carlotta engaged us from the very beginning. So useful and practical. Highly recommended!

María S.

Primary teacher

What a useful course, interesting activities and a really lovely person and teacher. Thank you so much, Teacher Carlotta!

Elena R.

Primary teacher

I’ve enjoyed the course because I think your ideas are really appealing and useful for our daily classes!

María S.

Primary teacher

List of Conferences and Courses:

  • San Emeterio Bedia, C. (Octubre 2019) EFL/ESL and CLIL Methodology within the English Classroom. Teachers Training Course. Centro de Innovación y Formación Educativa de la Consejería de Educación, Formación y Empleo del Gobierno de La Rioja.
  • San Emeterio Bedia, C. (May 2018) EFL/ESL and CLIL Methodology within the English Classroom. Teachers Training Course. Centro de Innovación y Formación Educativa de la Consejería de Educación, Formación y Empleo del Gobierno de La Rioja.
  • San Emeterio Bedia, C.  (October 2017, Madrid) CLIL in the EFL class too: Let’s cook!  IV INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF BILINGUAL EDUCATION.
  • San Emeterio Bedia, C.  (September 2015, Pozuelo de Alarcón) CLIL Happens Softly: not just in a Science book!  BRITISH COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2015: Learning to Learn.
  • San Emeterio Bedia, C.  (September 2014, Pozuelo de Alarcón) Primary Teachers: Double CLIL your Classrooms!  BRITISH COUNCIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2014: Creative ELT.
  • San Emeterio Bedia, C.  (October 2013, Madrid) A Wiki in CLIL Context: Success in Motivation.  III INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BILINGUAL TEACHING IN  EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.

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