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Music is one of the most rewarded and motivational tools you can use with your students at school. When you come in the English class with music, the class becomes music itself. This post provides a welcome-in-song as well as listening worksheets to start on the top every English lesson.

It’s English Time!

Even though there are many songs to start English lessons at school, I have a new proposal for you. «It’s English Time» is a song which simply kids love. It includes a little bit of TPR and you will see how even the first time you play it, kids start to imitate you. You can use «It’s English Time» with both, Preschool and Primary pupils (what I do). A video is included to show the movements!

Additionally, two listening worksheets are available too. (Speaking_Worksheet_ 2 is easier than Speaking_Worksheet_1).

I only can tell you my experience: students love it! And English becomes a really expected area in their weekly schedules. Once students are motivated, a positive attitude towards language is there.

Try it and let me know your opinion. A comment would be really appreciated.

Have a lovely week!